Owe CD


November 2022-Owe CD titles available on Boomkat

October 2022-Happy Halloween

September 2022-Wold/Fauchion - Cobweb Resonant Frequencies (OweCD-003) release scheduled, 10-02

August 2022-The Grail and the Garden (OweCD-002), spoken word album by Archeia Aurora, 8-08

July 2022-other surprises on the way

July 2022-Aungill Aungillefrom the upcoming, Wold/Fauchion - Cobweb Resonant Frequencies 


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Wold/Fauchion - Cobweb Resonant Frequencies (OweCD-003)10-02-2022

Archeia Aurora - The Grail and the Garden (OweCD-002) 8-08-2022

Wold - Rabbit Cabinet (OweCD-001) 6-18-2022